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Edit Your Topical Routines

From perfumes and makeup to lotions and shampoos, many personal care products contain potentially harmful chemicals. But if you’re ready to edit your personal care routines, you’ve come to the right place. We have simple, safe, and natural alternatives to products you use every day.  

What Are You Putting on Your Body?

How are you doing so far? Where do you have room to edit? Take the assessment below and find out. 


Simply doTERRA

doTERRA offers all-natural lotions, hair and skincare products, deodorants, and more. You don’t have to learn anything new to use these products! The difference is you won’t worry every time you put on deodorant in the morning or lather lotion into your skin after a shower. 

Here are a couple of our favorites.  

How are you doing so far? Where do you have room to edit? Take the quiz below and find out. 


Sun Care without the Drama

doTERRA® sun is the natural mineral sunscreen you’ve been waiting for. It uses only clean, safe, and effective ingredients for a drama-free summer. Made for every day, every age, and every body, we’ve got you covered . . . naturally. 

Good Hair Days Ahead

Each product offers natural ingredients, chosen to nourish, nurture, and care for your hair. Whether you prefer traditional liquid delivery or the new solid bar format, you can have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of this product line.  Find out more about Protecting Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner.


Free eBook

As you edit your routines, read the free How to Edit Your Personal Care Routines to Remove Toxins eBook for simple, natural changes you can make to your personal care regimens.  

Do you want to dive deeper as you edit your routines? Check out these podcast episodes! 

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