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Edit Your Space

Seasonal changes are natural, intuitive times to adjust your life and home. With spring upon us, now’s the perfect time to edit your space. Ditch toxic products and switch them for safe, simple, and natural alternatives.

Is Your Home Clean?

How are you doing so far? Where do you have room to edit? Take the assessment below and find out. 


The doTERRA® Natural
Home Edit Course

Receive free guidance on your editing journey and tips for reducing toxins in your home with the doTERRA Natural Home Edit course. From the kitchen and laundry room to the bedrooms and nursery, we have DIY ideas for each room in the house and simple suggestions for natural changes. 

Cleaning Your Home, Naturally

There’s no reason to jeopardize your health with harsh cleaning products and synthetic chemicals.

The doTERRA abode® line of natural home care and cleaning products is for you. Its multi-purpose surface cleaner, liquid dish soap, dishwasher pods, laundry pods, and gorgeous duet of hand wash and lotion are all simple, effective, and eco-friendly. 


Bring the Outside Inside

Start reducing toxins in your home is by ditching artificial fragrances. You don’t need synthetic, mystery formulas to keep you, your house, or your laundry smelling fresh. From candles, room sprays, and plugins to laundry detergents, perfume, and lotions, oust artificial fragrances in your home and try something natural instead.  

The 10 powerhouse products in the Aroma Essentials Collection freshen the air in your space with lovely aromas. You can enjoy a home that smells incredible, straight from nature, with this collection. 

Educational Resources to Dive Deeper

Are you eager to learn more as you edit your space this spring? Check out these podcast episodes! 

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